Our 4 Step Guide To Perfect Christmas ‘Pigs In Blankets’

Pigs in blankets are a Christmas must. Nothing brings festive cheer better than these bad boys…trust me! As a vital part of the day, here is our guide to making sure they are as perfect as possible.

Pigs Blanket

Source: Pinterest

Step 1. Find The Perfect Blanket

First off we don’t want any of that wool crap. Leave that for the sheep. A nice, soft polyester blanket is more than perfect for any pig wrapping activity.

Pigs Blanket

Source: Tumblr – auroracosplaydream

Step 2: Choose Your Piggie

If one looks colder than the other we recommend wrapping that one first. Last thing we need is a pig with a chill. Obviously they all enjoy a good blanket so just make sure not to leave any out. Don’t want any sad pig faces either.

Pig Blanket

Source: Unknown

Step 3: Safely Wrap The Pig

Make sure their little legs aren’t trapped and that they are as snug as possible without feeling trapped. All about making the little legends as comfortable as possible. If I see you wrapping them too tightly you WILL regret it. Softly softly!

Step 4: That’s A Wrap

Job well done everyone. Now sit back and enjoy your pig friend wrapped up warm as a bug in a rug and all its delights. Gold stars all round. If the pig is happy we are all happy.

Thought we were gonna talk about dead body parts? Sort yourself out! Read our guide How To Go Vegan and be nice to the animals. Go do it now!

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