7 Badass Vegan Rap Tracks To Make Your Party Sick As F**k!

Having a party? Need some sick rap beats to get the ladies shaking dat ass and the guys dabbing the shit out of everything? Check out some of the best vegan rap, hip-hop and grime cuts to make any event lit as f**k!

Grey – Vegan Thanksgiving

You all know this one. Grey’s viral freestyle went so crazy we ended up with a full music video and full length banger!

Disl – I’m A Vegan

Disl goes in hard with a flow so powerful even the most hardest steak eater will be munching down on a falafel wrap by the end of it. Pass the chilli sauce bro!

KRS One – Beef

If you don’t know this classic where have you been? Rap legend and Vegan Gains’ outro classic laying down the facts!

Udder Chaos vs The Real JPM – Cow (Lethal Bizzle Pow Remix)

What happens when you goto Vegfest and then Eskimo Dance in the evening? A remix of Lethal Bizzle’s ‘Pow’ that’s what!

Chokeules – 40 Year Old Vegan

Chokeules brings that old school flow while hanging out with some absolute legends. Big up the farm-yard crew!

JME – Pulse 8

Grime’s finest, JME, spits some plant based lyrical fire in this opening track from his latest album ‘Integrity>’. SICK!

John Sakers – Don’t Insult

And to finish off we have to include this absolute banger! Well…banger may be a stretch. It’s more one of those that’s so terrible it’s genius. Gotta give him props for reppin’ the animals though. You go John!

Is the advert below not vegan? Let us know and we will block their asses!

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