World’s First Vegan Fried Chicken Shop Is Coming To London?

Move over KFC you chicken killing shits, a new guy is in town who’s bringing all the “chicken”, all the finger lickin and none of the death and shit. Are you ready for this people?

If you live in London it’s time to get excited as the world’s first ever vegan fried chicken shop is about to open – Boom! The amazing team behind Temple Of Seitan are looking to open the store in January 2017 and it’s going to change-up how you finish your drunken nights out in the big city for ever – no more living off just chips. Load me up on those seitan wings baby!

Shout out to Fat Gay Vegan for the original scoop!

Temple Of Seitan

Source: Temple Of Seitan Instagram


Is the advert below not vegan? Let us know and we will block their asses!

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