Apparently It’s OK To Kill Your Dog And Eat It!

The Vegan Bear Dog

Source: The Vegan Bear

The awesome vegan blogger, The Vegan Bearrecently ran an experiment where he emailed the RPSCA to ask if it would be ok to kill and eat his own pet dog.

Now if you are one of our non vegan readers, I’m pretty sure you’re first thought to this is something along the lines of, “WHAT THE HELL?! WHO WANTS TO EAT A DOG?! THAT’S JUST WRONG!”, which is certainly a very reasonable response; anyone who thinks otherwise is insane! But in reality, is eating a dog any different from eating pigs, cows or chickens? Why do our canine friends have more protection than our snouted, mooing and feathered friends? Well it turns out as much as we think our dogs friends are safe from harm, according to the RPSCA… they are also fair game!

Let’s take a look at the email he got back….

“Thank you for your enquiry.

It is not illegal for an owner to humanely kill their dog or cat, wether it is ill or not. However, if the animal is killed in a way which causes unnecessary suffering an offence is committed. We know of nothing which prevents an individual from eating their dead animal. Restrictions may become applicable though if there is any attempt to sell the meat.

We would advise you contact Defra and The Food Standards Agency (FSA) for further advice”

I’m interested to hear what would be classed as a “humane” way to kill a dog. For example are we allowed to drop them into a grinder like male baby chicks, put them in a gas chamber like pigs or drag them through electric baths like chickens? I mean all of these methods are generally considered humane (although we all know that’s crap!). Let’s be fair, you can’t kill something nicely that doesn’t want to die.

As for why The Vegan Bear wanted to highlight this,

The reason for this post and the reason I asked the question of the RSPCA is to try and point out something.  Hopefully, the non-vegans reading this would’ve felt something not right about picturing me killing a healthy dog and eating “it”.  Or a group of us killing healthy dogs and enjoying the meat on a BBQ. That feeling, the uneasiness and hopefully sickening feeling and the thoughts aimed at me for talking about butchering innocent dogs, is the same feeling that vegans feel when we think about cows, sheep, pigs, fish, chicken….etc. etc. being killed for nothing other than taste (which can either be replicated or carnists cover with veggies and herbs anyway).  It is only because you have been distanced from animals used for food that you don’t have that connection with them.  When you realise that there isn’t anything different between a pig or a dog or a cow or a lamb etc.  You will understand why people are vegan. Being vegan is easy when you put the victim first.  It isn’t about what food or products you miss out on, it’s about doing what is right for others.”

The Vegan Bear has emailed Defra but has yet to have a response. If you want to keep following this story, make sure to stay up to date over on his blog here.

If you want info on ditching animal products head here for all the info.

RSPCA Letter

Source: The Vegan Bear

Note: Parts of this article have been removed after receiving extra information from the original blogger. 

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